do you have an unhealthy relationship with food?

We are specialist Dietitians with years of experience

helping people just like YOU to

overcome your disordered eating patterns

& find freedom

Jen Owner of JL Nutrition Clinic
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You do NOT have to go through this alone


We can work alongside you to help you challenge your food rules and allow you to start listening to your body, as opposed to external rules and cues.  


We can help you towards living a life that is no longer ruled by food and your body weight and one where you are free to listen to your body. 

Grounded in evidence

We work in a therapeutic, evidenced based way, gently challenging your food and weight beliefs.  Always working at a pace you can manage, with your goals at the centre of our focus driven sessions

Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food & your body? 

You worry about and think about food most of the time.

You feel anxious during social occasions.

You have strict food rules that are difficult to break.

You feel guilt and shame if you end up eating more than you planned to.

You desperately want to lose weight.

You are stuck in a yo-yo cycle of dieting and bingeing.

Jennifer Low - Meet the team

If you’re finding that disordered eating is controlling your life, you’re not alone…

Disordered eating is not a diagnosed illness, but often the symptoms can be similar, but less severe.  The relationship you have to food and your body is not healthy.  

You may spend considerable amounts of time and energy worrying about food; social occasions may cause great anxiety and you may have rigid food rules that you feel you cannot break. 

You may restrict your food intake and end up feeling guilty and ashamed for food choices you make. 

Often you are trying desperately to eat more healthily, but by over restricting your food intake, you sometimes end up doing the opposite. 

If this sounds like you, then we empathise. 

This is a really hard position to pull yourself out of on your own. 

We can work alongside you to help you challenge your food rules and allow you to start listening to your body, as opposed to external rules and cues.  

We can help you to establish a more healthy relationship with both food and your body.


Both Jen and Sue have extensive experience supporting people who are struggling with disordered eating.

We work in a holistic way and help you look at all the ways in which food might be impacting your life.  

We embrace intuitive eating, are fully weight inclusive and support HAES (health at every size).

We do not believe in quick fixes and diets and we look forward to helping you to establish a healthy and sustainable food intake.

Jen also offers Guided Self Help, an evidenced based 3 month programme. Please ask for details.

Our Registered Dietitians are all HCPC registered & members of the British Dietetic Association. Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals to be regulated by law, and are governed by an ethical code to ensure that we always work to the highest standard.