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Are you looking for a registered dietitian to work on your brand or media piece?

Jennifer Low is an experienced media dietitian featured on top media outlets, including the BBC. 

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Jennifer provides quality, science-based advice and information to consumers and is frequently sought for her opinions and knowledge on nutrition, eating disorders, disordered eating, health, and wellness.

She has appeared on both live and prerecorded TV and radio shows and has written for the Healthy Food Guide magazine for over six years. She has also contributed to other magazines, papers, and online platforms, showcasing her expertise by commenting and writing about the latest topics in nutrition and health.

She has acted as PR consultant to the Healthy Food Guide and Yakult. Jen has also peer-edited and marketed several high-profile consumer nutrition books.

She is available for both media work and PR consultancy.

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Media dietitian
Media Dietitian
Media dietitian
Media dietitian



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Corporate Wellness Nutrition and Cookery Sessions

These sessions are run by Jen with Anthony Warner (aka The Angry Chef), a professional chef and author.


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