Working with Jen was nothing but great! Not only did I lose 10kg but the support I got whilst losing weight was invaluable. For me, eating was an emotional issue and Jen understood that and was there for me wholeheartedly!


Private Client

When I first consulted with Jennifer, I was an emotional eater, a binge eater and a yoyo dieter.  In 5 months, all this became part of history, it didn’t all happen at once but Jen was able to guide me, encourage me and give me the best tips to overcome all the eating disorders issues that I had. I now plan my daily food, eat better and tend to forget to weigh myself!!! Therefore I obsess less on weight loss.  Everything was relatively very quick, and I can never thank Jen enough for changing my life and my relationship with food!

Private Client

As a health writer, Jennifer always gets to the crux of health issues in an engaging and authoritative way. She is able to explain complex nutritious information into consumer-friendly copy.

Melanie Leyshon

Editor, Healthy Food Guide magazine

I have been fortunate enough to receive mentorship from Jen for the past 2 years, her guidance and rational support has been invaluable. When it comes to nutritional expertise Jen is highly skilled in her field and it has been an absolute joy to work alongside her and to have her peer review my first book ReNourish.

Rhiannon Lambert RNutr,

Founder of Rhitrition and author of ReNourish, and podcast host of Food For Thought ,

 I’ve worked with Jen for the better part of 7 years at the Nuffield Hospital, where she practices as the lead dietician for the Bariatric service. Through my interactions with Jen, I’ve found her to be extremely knowledgeable and affable. She provides an exemplary service to her patients as evidenced by the excellent feedback from them and goes out of her way to ensure they have access to her advice at any time during their journey.  Her communication skills are second to none and we regularly exchange information about our patients in their best interests. I strongly believe that she is a pillar of the Bariatric team and am pleased to be working with her now and in future.


Mr Ahmed Hamouda

Surgeon , Weight Loss Surgery Kent