Jennifer is always available to give comment on the health story of the moment. Here are a few examples of pieces she has contributed to across press, consumer magazines, health and fitness magazines, TV and radio.


Al Jazeera Newshour January 2012: See Jennifer on Newshour talking about fried food:

Jennifer has also appeared on a bariatric documentary and a number of other pre-recorded news programs.

She is currently the dietitian for a popular reality “transformation” TV show.


BBC Radio Wales: Jennifer talks about the importance of vitamin D to prevent Rickets.

BBC Radio Kent


Are carbs good for you?…for

Colourful summer salad ideas for

How to stay awake after a night of no sleep:


The Telegraph Online: High fat yoghurt and obesity:

The Independent: Can chocolate ever be good for you?:

Healthspan online: The benefits of omega-3’s:

Jennifer’s Blog at Healthy Food Guide Magazine

How to make a BBQ more healthy

10 tips for stressed out Mum’s

5 ways to manage the menopause

A review of Deliciously Ella Every Day

10 low sugar breakfast cereals

Articles by Jennifer

Healthy Food Guide:
Expert’s view on IBS

Healthy Food Guide:
Sports Nutrition for Teenagers First published March 2009

FitPro Magazine: Protein supplements:
Are they necessary? 

Healthy Food Guide: Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the new dietary treatment:
pdf and Website



The Daily Mail:
Can protein supplements make us younger?

The Daily Mail:
Are there benefits of switching to goat’s milk?

Huffington Post:
Jennifer comments on Burger King’s new 900kcal burger
Burger King


Cosmopolitan Body: Jennifer talks about banishing the bloat after Christmas: Cosmopolitan BodyBanish The Bloat

Men’s Health Magazine: How to keep yourself motivated!:
Mens Health Motivation Page April 2012

Academic Publications

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, October 2007.  Methylation of estrogen receptor α and mutL homolog 1 in normal colonic mucosa: association with folate and vitamin B-12 status in subjects with and without colorectal neoplasia.

British Journal of Community Nursing, March 2016.  Nutritional Advice for Community Patients: Insights from a panel discussion.     Yakult Roundtable Paper 2016 BJCN