Are you fed up with the yo-yo cycle of being on and off a diet?

You still want to lose weight, yet nothing seems sustainable?

Can you relate to this? Many of our clients tell us stories similar to this…

You start out every Monday morning “afresh”, knowing this THIS week is the week you will lose those extra pounds that you have been meaning to lose for months.  

You jump on the scales and you feel a sinking feeling in your heart – how have you put on 5lbs over the weekend?!  In just two days?

You resolve to never eat sugar again and you give up alcohol from this day forwards.  You also cut all carbs, dairy and snacks and are back to eating bland food, amounting to no more than 1000kcal/day. 

This lasts until mid-morning when you get offered a biscuit, break your diet rules, and end up eating a packet of biscuits to try to feel better.

Three small indoor plants that are said to be good for the air
Jen's office
Jen’s mindfulness meditation for meals and snacks
Are you totally FED UP of being on a diet?

What if things could be different?

Diets DON'T work

If they did, you would not be here, years later, trying to achieve the same outcome.

We work with you to teach you to learn to trust your body again, to break free of the negative cycle of “diet, weight loss, weight regain, diet again”, that can damage your self-esteem and leave you feeling guilty and ashamed.

Listening to your body is key

By tuning into your body’s internal appetite signals and by overcoming the rules that often govern your decisions about what you eat and when, you will foster a healthier relationship with food and love of your body.

We teach you how

We’ll teach you how to eat more healthily within the context of your lifestyle.

We know from the research that fad diets do not work and they drive disordered eating.

We will not give weight loss plans that set you up to fail as they are not realistic or sustainable.

Jen seeing clients

If you feel now is the time to start looking at your weight & diet relationship differently…

The goals we help you set are achievable and take time, they come from a whole lifestyle, personalised approach, as opposed to a quick fix.

We all work through an intuitive eating approach & teach you how to listen to your own body.  Avoiding over restriction and allowing you to find a healthy, sustainable, flexible eating plan, that IS NOT a diet.

We set you up to be able to follow this new lifestyle for life.

No more diets!  


We’re so excited to offer:

Body & mind reset

Working towards body acceptance whilst nourishing & nurturing your body & mind.  

If you are fed of up of doing the same thing over and over, and not succeeding…please come and see us to learn a different way forwards.  

We can’t wait to work with you.  

Initial appointment: £150 

Follow ups: £120 (50 mins) or £80 (30 mins)


Our Registered Dietitians are all HCPC registered & members of the British Dietetic Association.  

Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals to be regulated by law, and are governed by an ethical code to ensure that we always work to the highest standard.