Outdoor support groups for people recovering from an eating disorder

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Great quality research


Being outside is good for your health


Connect with others


Deeper connection with yourself


Bring a sense of overall wellbeing

Being in the Forest

connect with nature


We know, from vast amounts of great quality research, that being outside in nature is beneficial for our health.  It can improve mood, lower anxiety and bring a sense of overall wellbeing.

The group aims to allow you to have a connection to others, along with a deeper connection to yourself and to nature.  I hope to help you form a different connection to food and nutrition through cooking and eating outdoors, in a safe, held space, with no judgement.

Jen has a Certificate in Nature Based Practice, from the renowned teachers at Circle of Life Rediscovery.  Jen will run this group, with a co-facilitator experienced in mental health, at a location near to Sevenoaks in Kent.  The group will run weekly, in school hours, during term times only.

You will need an assessment prior to joining the support group.  This is to ensure that everyone in the group is at a similar stage of recovery to allow everyone to feel safe and supported.

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Being in the Forest in good for your health


connectING with nature is learning how to slow down and be truly present with the natural world.

Connecting with Nature

Meditation and Breathwork

Outdoor Craft

Sharing Circles

Outdoor Cooking

This is YOUR group

A basket of berries collected in the forest

Connect with nature

Using the woodland as our backdrop, we will lead you through various activities to help you to connect with nature.

Meditation and Breathwork

Allowing you to drop deeper within yourself, we can help to guide you through mindfulness meditations and breathwork to calm your nervous system.


Outdoor craft

Using the objects around us, we can create.  Through creation we get a greater sense of purpose and connection.

Sharing circles

Where appropriate, we share feelings and experiences, in a safe and validating space.

Outdoor cooking

When we can, we will start to cook and share a snack outside.  We will talk through where the food comes from and why it’s important for us to fuel ourselves.



This is YOUR group

Most importantly, this group is about you.  It will flow with your needs and feelings and will develop over time.  Being outside in a calm and peaceful place brings a sense of wellbeing, creativity and connection.