Why do I feel guilty when I eat?

Why do I feel guilty when I eat? Feeling guilty after eating is something a lot of people experience. Unfortunately we live in a society where eating less, restricting intake of certain foods, and being thinner, are all valued highly. This means that we are...

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Listening to your body – how to reject diet mentality and tune into your needs There is so much on social media, and in the media about weight loss - it feels never ending so far this year.  And some of it is "disguised" as health and wellbeing, but it is still...

Bloating in eating disorder recovery

Co-written by Gina Giebner (Gastro Dietitian) & Jennifer Low (Eating disorder Dietitian) Eating disorders are complex mental health conditions that have physical consequences. Bloating in eating disorder recovery is a common complaint, and one that can severely...
Types of Eating Disorders

Types of Eating Disorders

Types of eating disorders All eating disorders are serious mental health illnesses classified by the DSM-V.  If you or someone you know have any of the following, please do seek help.  Anorexia nervosa Is a condition characterised by individuals with a low body weight...

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ARFID Quiz ⁣

ARFID Quiz ⁣

ARFID stands for Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. It is categorised as an eating disorder, but is different from the eating disorders you may already be aware of, as there is no body dysmorphia and no desire to control weight. As it was only added to the DSM...

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