A Kent based dietetic service, JL Nutrition Clinic is run by specialist dietitian Jennifer Low. 

As well as seeing people for face to face appointments, we also offer virtual appointments, meaning we can work with you wherever you are based, both in the UK and Internationally.

JL Nutrition Clinic is here to make a real difference to your life. Using evidence based nutrition to gain symptom improvement and a better relationship with food and your body.  

Jen's Office and Laptop for writing out clients diet plan
Jennifer Low owner of JL Nutrition Clinic


JL Nutrition Clinic was set up 10 years ago and is run by specialist eating disorder Dietitian Jennifer Low, who has over 15 years of clinical nutrition experience in the NHS, the health service in New Zealand, and a variety of private practice settings.

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Sue Young - Clinician at JL Nutrition Clinic


Specialist eating disorder Dietitian Sue Young joined JL Nutrition Clinic in 2021 to help support and work with adults and adolescents with eating disorders and disordered eating, as well as to see clients for other health concerns.

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Aishah is a Registered Associate Nutritionist

Aishah Angell 

Aishah is a Registered Associate Nutritionist

She is currently working as a health advisor in London and is studying to be a dietitian. ⁣ She believes that nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated – it’s important to remember that food encompasses celebration, culture and most importantly enjoyment! ⁣

Aishah writes social media and blog posts for us and helps to update patient handouts. She is having one to one mentoring from Jen to help her gain more insight into dietetics.

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