Individual Consultations:


Initial Consultation

This session gives you the space and time to tell me more about you, your story, and your specific requirements and goals.  It is a time for us to get to know each other.  

A full and detailed history will be taken, including current health and past medical history, past and present dietary habits, stress and energy levels, sleep patterns, weight history and family medical history.

Full body anthropometry will be taken when appropriate.

All these areas are important to build up a picture of you and how you arrived at your present level of health. 

Follow-up Consultations 

The in depth assessment of your circumstances, preferences, needs and goals allows me to create a fully personalised care plan. Often the initial consultation is not long enough for you to give me your whole history, so the first follow-up will usually be used to complete the clinical picture.  

I provide holistic nutrition counseling for all of my clients. I do not prescribe diet plans or food plans*. 

I work with you to understand your body and through discussion we can heighten your awareness of how you have got to where you are. 

I provide evidence based treatment and resources, often alongside “homework” to be completed between sessions. 

I use principles of evidenced based behavioural change therapies, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance, commitment therapy (ACT), as well as solution focused based therapy, to help you implement long-lasting changes that fit with your lifestyle and values. 

Whilst I can work on a behavioural change level, this does not identify the root cause of some illnesses and often you will need to be working with a psychotherapist or psychologist alongside my treatment.  In the cases of diagnosed eating disorders, having a therapist or psychiatrist involved is a prerequisite for consultations with me.

Fundamentally I work with all my clients to improve their quality of life and relationship with food.  I will work with you, in a fully bespoke way that suits you, to help you to achieve your goals.     

*except in the cases of people with eating disorders, where food plans are often a necessary part of treatment




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